The Project of growing fruits and vegetables started in the year 2007.

We started growing in the orchard that is nowadays the main producer of Cel i Sòl and has now stayed with the name of verduresecologiques.

We started with an orchard of 1500m2, and slowly we started growing until today, where we have two and a half hectares of orchard and half a hectare of orange trees. Throughout these last years there have been many volunteers and workers at the orchard. Each one has left its own mark and with it, we have finally reached what today is Cel i Sòl.

We were young and passionate on the topic of rural life, the field, the culture of ecologic vegetables, the natural, …

Around the year 2014, consumers started asking for a higher variety of fruits and vegetables, which was more than the orchard of verduresecologiques could provide.

Due to it being a greenhouse free orchard, cucumbers were not available all year round, and we were not able to produce specific veggies such as green beans, due to them not growing well. There are various challenges that prevent everything from being cultured. However, consumers needed the products that we could not provide.

We had various meetings, with many consumers and our workers from back then, and after a lot of thinking we decided to step forward and grow.

A great computer scientist, and a long-time customer offered to help us with a big data base. This is the hidden part behind your computer, the one that allows you to get to know us from your home and order our products. And it has also eased the process of placing orders and management of the baskets.

We had to reshape our facilities to allow for the necessary permits. This meant a great economic investment, which was partially financed with the money from customers which at that time ate from the orchard of verduresecologiques. They believed in us and in the project that we were conducting.

It’s been 11 years, and a lot of effort to reach what today is Cel I Sòl.

Being in touch with the consumer is one of our top priorities. Making sure he knows where his food comes from, that he knows who we are and how his food is handled and cared for. To make of this we try to do at least one open doors working day a year.

To this date we continue to enthusiastically grow many types of seasonal veggies in the orchard of verduresecologiques. And the necessary products to complete the baskets and shopping lists of our “neighbour” producers.